Board Complaints & Disciplinary Matters


Legal Defense for Medical Professionals

In addition to defending claims of medical malpractice, TBC Law Firm has extensive experience representing clients in disciplinary matters before their respective regulatory boards and in response to complaints made to those same boards. In addition to the Board of Medicine, which encompasses all subspecialties of medicine, and the Board of Dentistry, we represent clients before the Bureau of Occupational Licensing, which governs proceedings for chiropractors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and psychologists, among others. While such claims do not always accompany litigation they can nonetheless have a significant impact on a medical care provider. Our defense attorneys provide clients with a perspective into the response to and defense of such complaints based upon years of experience with similar claims. We understand the rights and responsibilities granted to medical care providers by their licensing boards and the best approach to defending our clients within those boundaries. We work closely with clients to ensure they receive the best possible outcome.